Cloud Foundry

Backed with large scale testing

We cut our teeth working with Cloud Foundry. Over 15,000 people have used our public trial service. We know how to make Cloud Foundry work and operate in even the most trying conditions of heavy usage, hardware failures, and even the odd attack from curious hackers.

Comprehensive support for Microsoft platforms

We have built the most extensive support for Microsoft platforms there is for Cloud Foundry. With the Uhuru Microsoft enhancements you can make Windows Server a fully functional Cloud Foundry Droplet Executable Agent (WinDEA) and push .NET apps to the cloud just like any other you would normally publish to Cloud Foundry.

Our WinDEA and BOSH agent are written in native C# for maximum reliability and compatibility. All our software is built to work with Cloud Foundry version 2. Our application isolation technology provides the most secure sandboxing cababilities there is for allowing multi-tenant hosting on Windows Server.

The features of our Microsoft platform support for Cloud Foundry include:

  • WindDEA
  • BOSH agent
  • Microsoft SQL data service
  • Extensive application isolation

Simplifying Cloud Foundry deployment and management

As great as Cloud Foundry is, it takes a lot of work to get it running and keep it operational. Uhuru has simplified this by creating a powerful tool called the Uhuru Cloud Commander (UCC) to deploy and manage Cloud Foundry.

After setting a few options on a web page administrators can kick off the deployment of any sized Cloud Foundry environment in only a few minutes. UCC uses the Cloud Foundry BOSH management system to automatically create and configure all the virtual machines that are required.

We use the Open Source Nagios monitoring engine to provide monitoring and alerting on the health of Cloud Foundry. Administrators will be alerted the moment there is an outage or performance reaches warning thresholds.

UCC features include:

  • Web console for comprehensive Cloud Foundry administrative management
  • Automatic deployment of Cloud Foundry
  • Monitoring and alerting using Nagios
  • Non-volatile upgrades of Cloud Foundry and pre-configured virtual machine stemcells
  • End-user portal for managing spaces, organizations, and applications