Uhuru AppCloud – taking Cloud Foundry™ to the max

We provide all the great capabilities available through VMware, Inc.’s Cloud Foundry technology as well many enhancements to provide even more flexibility and simplicity. The Uhuru AppCloud gives developers the choice to pick any framework, language or data service they wish without ever having to worry about managing servers or virtual machines again.

In addition to the standard Cloud Foundry Core runtimes like Java, Ruby and Node.js, the Uhuru AppCloud offers:

  • Extensive support for .NET and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Extensive support for PHP
  • Extension for the Visual Studio IDE
  • [list_item]Extensive graphical management tool that can be installed on your PC
  • Rock solid, secure, tunnels to data and file services that work with management tools of your choice
  • A simple web console to manage your apps in the cloud

Bringing the best of Open Source and .NET together

With the Uhuru AppCloud proprietary technologies like .NET and Microsoft SQL are no longer silos apart from the world of Open Source. Your .NET applications can easily take advantage of MongoDB, MySQL or RabbitMQ just as your Ruby, PHP, Java and Node.js apps can use Microsoft SQL Server.

Fast deployment of pre-packaged apps

Our app directory of pre-packaged apps like WordPress, Umbraco, Sugar CRM and Magento can be deployed in as little as a minute with the click of a button. Write us if you would like your apps included in the directory.

Coming soon to a service provider near you

We are working with hosting companies around the world, helping them bring up Uhuru powered clouds of their own. Let us know if you would like to run an Uhuru cloud in your datacenter.