Fortnite Challenge Guides (Week 8 Update): Rift Spawn Locations, Oversized Seats, And More For Season 5

Season 5 of Fortnite: Battle Royale continues on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and most recently Android

As with the previous seasons, this one brings with it a selection of fresh challenges to complete on a weekly basis, as well as a variety of Battle Pass rewards to unlock for your efforts. This time, however, Epic has made a few tweaks to the way certain Battle Pass challenges operate, including the introduction of free challenges for all players. Here’s everything you need to know about the newest Season 5 challenges, details on all of the ones available so far through Week 8, and exactly how to get them all done.

Once again, players who purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass will get a set of objectives to complete every week, which in turn will go toward leveling the Battle Pass up and unlocking new rewards. Unlike past seasons, however, weekly challenges are now divided into two categories, Free (which are available to all Fortnite players) and Battle Pass (which are reserved for those who’ve purchased the Pass). That means that even if you haven’t bought the Battle Pass, you’ll still be able to complete certain objectives and earn rewards.

If you do decide to pick up the Battle Pass partway through the season, you’ll be also able to retroactively unlock any premium rewards you’ve earned based on the tier that you’ve already reached. However, one of the advantages of purchasing the Battle Pass early is bonus XP, which is awarded for playing in general and for playing in a party with friends. Since leveling up with XP translates into Battle Stars, you’ll want to grab the Battle Pass as soon as you can and take advantage of these bonuses.

PS4 Boss Leans on Short-Term Thinking for Lack of Fortnite Crossplay Support

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is currently the only platform that doesn’t allow crossplay support for Fortnite (not to mention other games), and the console manufacturer’s boss has now explained why that is. Years ago, the idea of crossplay support on a large scale for a game as big as coin master hack spins seemed like a pipe-dream. Gamers had to own games on the same platforms as their friends if they wanted to play with them. It was just the way the gaming industry operated for many years.

Early on, it wasn’t just that players couldn’t play Fortnite on PlayStation with their friends playing on Xbox or Nintendo Switch, but also that, if they logged into their account on the PS4, they couldn’t go back and play on a different platform. From that point forward, their account was attached to that console. It ignited a controversy in June that some believe resulted in the company’s stock price falling slightly. And now, Sony has explained why they are holding such an anti-consumer stance – and the reason is absurd.

Related: Fortnite Players Can Unlock Exclusive Galaxy Skin With Easy Workaround. Speaking at the IFA 2018 expo in Berlin, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida explained that the reason they don’t support crossplay with other consoles – for Fortnite or any other game (though it’s worth pointing out that PS4 games in the past have supported crossplay with PC) – because those consoles are inferior to the PlayStation.

“On cross-platform, our way of thinking is always that PlayStation is the best place to play. Fortnite, I believe, partnered with PlayStation 4 is the best experience for users, that’s our belief. But actually, we already opened some games as cross-platform with PC and some others, so we decide based on what is the best user experience. That is our way of thinking for cross-platform.”

While it may be considered the best place to play first party games made for the PlayStation, it’s a bit illogical to label the PS4 the best place to play Fortnite, of all games, because it’s the one platform that’s inclusive. All other platforms support crossplay while the PS4 doesn’t. Furthermore, both the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch have inherent advantages over the PS4, with the One X being the most powerful console ever made while the Switch allows gamers to play Fortnite on-the-go – something that allows the platform to rival iOS and Android users.

For now, it seems like Sony will continue to trudge forward with their isolationist philosophy regarding crossplay support, especially for games like Fortnite, but it’s something that is very much on the minds of Microsoft and Nintendo as the current console generation slowly starts to wind down. Already, Microsoft is not only looking to support crossplay on a grand scale with the rumored Xbox Scarlett consoles but also online streaming for games. Both companies want people to play multi-platform games with their friends on whichever consoles they want.

Fortnite Previews New High Stakes Mode

When Fortnite first revealed the new High Stakes event, which includes an upcoming Getaway LTM, the Wild Card outfit, and some High Stakes challenges, many were excited to see what this new event would bring to the battle island. Considering there has been a number of new additions as of late, including the mysterious cube traveling around the island, this event is likely to fit right in.

Concerning the forthcoming event, Fortnite has seen fit to preview the limited time mode, giving players their first glimpse at how the LTM will work. The job, as the LTM is described, is to find the 4 safes dropped onto the island via supply drops., crack the safe to obtain a large jewel, and get away with the goods. Of course, carrying the jewel makes the player a target, but the first four teams to make their way to a getaway van win.

It also seems that the safe takes longer to crack than a typical supply drop does to open, meaning that whoever is opening the safe also becomes a target. This makes sense considering the overall event is entitled High Stakes. Check out the Getaway LTM preview below:

However, this is not the only change coming to the battle island with this High Stakes event. It appears the game is also adding a grappling hook, which should be an effective getaway item. Alternatively, it could be used to close the distance and eliminate an enemy. Considering the Rift-To-Go item was added just two weeks ago, it seems safe to assume that mobility is becoming the name of the game.

Once the LTM goes live, it’ll be interesting to see how the mode works and all the new additions that come with it. In the meantime, the Season 5 Week 8 challenges are live, so players still working on those should check out this guide. Fortnite is available in early access on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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